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Today I have a Karve CB 3” Handle with an E SB plate and D,E & F OC plate. This is a beautiful razor that is just starting to patina. It has gotten rave reviews but just doesn’t replace what I have in my collection and I’m trying to thin down. MSRP $141 + shipping will sell for $115 shipped CONUS SOLD
Polished Blackland Dart is a great razor but I reach for my Jet. MSRP $139 will sell for $110 now $100 shipped CONUS
Deranged Donkey edition 28mm Turn N Shave Synthetic knot I bought from WCS and has seen minimal use. I prefer my Badger knots so I am selling this at half of what I paid MSRP $155 will sell for $75 shipped CONUS.SOLD
Please PM me with any questions.
[Image: SfdgCSR.jpg][Image: m69GvOe.jpg][Image: Y9SzuTX.jpg][Image: NV2Qjs8.jpg]
[Image: 5Xmrqc1.jpg]
[Image: 5CLuXqd.jpg]

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The Karve & the Deranged Donkey are sold pending payment
Karve and Deranged Donkey are sold. Thank You DFS. Polished Dart is still available.
Polished Blackland Dart is still available $110 shipped CONUS

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Price drop on Polished Blackland Dart to $100 shipped CONUS

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Dart sold Thank You

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