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Up for grabs is this beauty w/ Box.

Asking $290shipped. Now $265 - SOLD
I believe these retailed for $300 plus shipping brand new.

Adding the following UFO Handles (unfortunately I am unable to locate the COA; however, it does not take away from the sheer quality of these handles). It is also my understanding that these are not being produced any longer.

1) UFO Kaiser Short Handle (SS - 316L (85mm/77gr) - $195
2) UFO Zeus Handle (SS - 316L) (85mm/166gr) - $195

[Image: NZO7Fu6.jpg]

[Image: Z5grKZp.jpg]

Payment includes shipping within the US and associated Paypal fees.

[Image: 5ZwjhDs.jpg]
[Image: H1MQpoS.jpg]
[Image: qG9xeXx.jpg]
[Image: xAdegxX.jpg][Image: ieMJWPC.jpg]

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Price reduction.....AND...

Added two UFO Handles...details in original listing
B&R Sold
Price reductions on the UFOs

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