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I don't see too many vintage razors posted here and I have this on the Ebay as well, but thought I would offer here at a better price (less fees etc).  Asking price is $250 delivered CONUS USPS Priority Mail.  

Up for your consideration is what many believe to be the most beautiful razor ever made, the Made In England 1st generation silver plated Aristocrat open comb razor.  This particular example is the French Set, introduced in 1936.  This is the rarer silver plated predecessor to the #15 rhodium plated set.  The razor weight is 76g, which was considered a heavy razor in its day.  You will be hard pressed to find a better conditioned British Aristocrat French Set (Importe d'Angleterre).  The razor is in remarkable condition with no visible signs of plate loss, scratches or any other blemish.  Its silver plating shines like the day is was made.  The doors align as they should and the twist to open flawless.  The shave quality matches its beauty.

The case is in excellent condition with the exterior showing natural wear for an 80 year old case.   The interior velvet looks amazing, showing the depth of the purple color on the interior lid.  The stamped Gillette Aristocrat Importe d'Angleterre copy clear and crisp.  The razor stand is in perfect working order and holds 4 original Gillette Blue Blade razor blades.  Pictures do not do this set justice.

Please let me know if you have questions.  Additional pictures upon request.

[Image: QZrGHsU.jpg]

[Image: C7YAKMR.jpg]

[Image: o8afEBI.jpg]

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