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Letting go of four brushes today.  My brush cabinet is over flowing at the moment, so I need to find new homes for these beauties.  If you have any questions please send me a pm.  I am the original owner of all of these.  Conus only on this one please.  Thanks for looking!!

1) M Red 28mm finest shaving brush hornbeam wood handle.  Used twice, comes with original box.    Asking $99 shipped, reduced to $79

2) SOLD!!! Thater 49125/4 Silvertip.  I got this for Christmas and used it one time.  It's an absolutely fantastic and luxurious brush, it's just too big for my little face.  Comes with original box.  Asking $139 shipped.

3) SOLD!!! Shavemac 24x50 shaving brush stabilized tamarind wood handle.  Used 3 times.  Comes with original box.  [s]Asking $109 shipped, reduced to $99![/s]
Package deal for Shavemac and M Red, only $150 shipped conus for both!

4) SOLD!!! Brad Sears 26mm Chichester shaving brush 2-band select.  Used twice, comes with original box.  Asking $99 shipped. SOLD!!!
[Image: 8uTrlL9.jpg]
[Image: sUXyice.jpg][Image: YyjoVMr.jpg][Image: iaJsQz5.jpg]
Reduced prices and added package price for the two.

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