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SOLD - Thanks DFS
I am selling my Wolfman WR1 .61 OC SS mirror polished razor with a WRH1 mirror polished handle. In excellent condition with box and cloth - razor was used fewer than six times. This is the wonderful polished SS finish that makes Wolfman razors so spectacular. Retails for $750 CAD. Selling for $585 $565US $555 shipped ConUS.

[Image: sCUfdsu.jpg]
[Image: 5FdP2uX.jpg]
[Image: Awr4n5M.jpg]
[Image: x7JnEEg.jpg]
[Image: v3iIFtG.jpg]

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Excellent seller with excellent items that are well taken care of...

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WIth the new WM price increases, this is pretty much going for retail value!!

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Thank you, gentlemen - reduced price!
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Amazing razor, very good price, not stay here long.....
If i did not have WR1, I would definitely get it...
great price!!! great razor!!!
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Thanks for the kind words, Cem and David!

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Found the box and cloth, so it will come exactly as it would come new.
[Image: nnEYUeN.jpg]

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If I didn't already have a .61 OC with that head and handle I'd be all over this. I think the .61 gap is ideal for the majority of shavers. Just right on the scale of aggressive vs mild. I found it ideal when I had to shave every day. Great deal !!

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Color me shocked. And guys come into the WM threads complaining about how hard these are to come by. Yet, here she sits. GLWS friend.

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