Vancouver, WA USA
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I have a few items that need new homes.  All items are in excellent condition.  Prices include shipping and insurance to US addresses only, international available at additional costs (insurance is required with delivery confirmation for international shipments).  Please PM me to purchase and feel free to ask any questions here.

[Image: mdUTzPH.jpg][Image: o9Dup05.jpg][Image: nKkp1Ok.jpg][Image: cZ1Sch1.jpg]
Plisson Size 10 in 2-Band HMW and black resin handle - knot 20x51mm - Firm backbone with light scritch, a modern classic.  The 2-band High Mountain White hasn't been made in a couple of years as they have changed the type of hair they designate as HMW, with modern versions being much more like a generic silvertip than these older brushes.  Not currently available anywhere.  $250

[Image: MZZLnxz.jpg][Image: SXBmhB9.jpg][Image: 4ghYjft.jpg]
Older Shavemac Silvertip Behemoth - 29x63mm knot - This is an older model Shavemac with luxurious soft tips in a huge knot.  I would say this is one of the only brushes I have ever used that feels floppy, but I did manage to generate a nice lather by face lathering.  I think this would be best suited for bowl lathering though.  Building this brush on the configurator comes out to $165 plus shipping, take this one for $75 SOLD

[Image: g8PVTqp.jpg][Image: ON2PHZe.jpg][Image: Nq8jGdF.jpg]
Kai Captain Excelia Non-Folding Razor w/ Feather Pro blades (nearly full) - This was the last razor I purchased before going full time straight razor use.  It is very ergonomic and delivered excellent results.  Mastering this razor actually made the transition to actual straight razors a mostly bloodless event.  These list for $260, best price I could find online is $190.  Take this one, with a nearly full pack of Feather Pro blades for $150.

Vancouver, WA USA
Shavemac Sold!

Vancouver, WA USA
Plisson sold

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