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Sold.  Thanks DFS and the buyer.  Please archive.
[Image: 02dcbac9dad49bcacac9f2d306edfb15.jpg][Image: c0fb37e90888ee9d248e0580f3370ed2.jpg][Image: 25c4db451815285eca22117e2c17b9b5.jpg][Image: 7bdd0ac78d7a1b7cb3e9e1d7ac4d6778.jpg][Image: 614c0d0277f5723c9bbdb23bfcdcc7be.jpg][Image: e8b3cf1cef1d0ddc2be29eb318b86533.jpg][Image: baf742b7a795b9555e63e9f0f5e313ae.jpg]

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LMAO. You created a whole new post for pics?

Edit: you bamboozled the mods code!!

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People's creativity in getting around stupid rules knows no bounds. ???

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Are you the original owner?
I tried adding pics.  But it is not adding and getting errors.  Don’t know what to do.  Admins please add these pics to the original post,  sorry for the mixup  no

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Sold. Thanks DFS and the buyer. Please archive.

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