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I am dwindling down my collection as I no longer use these items, and no longer have that much time to shave in the morning with a newborn in the apartment. DE razors don't work for me, and while SE razors are what I use these days, the aluminum general has been collecting dust. Both razors are in good, but used condition. There are minor imperfections that have developed over the years, but these are normal wear and tear. The only caveat to that is that the Aluminum General has some paint chipped as I dropped the handle once and the paint on that razor is sensitive; but these are very minor and they do not affect the performance.

Pictures are below, but the selling prices are as follows:

Above the Tie R1: $105 REDUCING TO $90  ($185 new) (shipping included)
Aluminum General: $45 ($60 new?) (shipping included) SOLD

If someone wants both razors I can reduce the cost a little bit because of the reduction in shipping costs to me.

Thanks and don't hesitate to ask questions.

[Image: 9x5zP6L.jpg][Image: Wn9c0Tg.jpg][Image: W9oKLzD.jpg][Image: puaMjn7.jpg]
Sweetening the pot for the ATT R1. Included with the ATT R1 is the following:

1) MDC unscented about 15-20% left.
2) CRSW Select bergamot and bay used maybe twice
3) CRSW Oliva Citrus Paradisi
4) Two packs of Polsilver SI blades not opened
5) 4 Feather New HI Stainless blades
6) 60 Personna Med Prep blades (Not in below below picture).

Really don't see how anyone who is remotely interested in the ATT R1 could pass this up.

[Image: tCu3zyE.jpg]
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