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Update: H1 plate has been sold so the price for the ATT H2 razor and box is $90 shipped. I can also swap out this handle for a new ATT bamboo handle if that tickles your fancy.

I am wanting to sell or possibly trade an excellent condition ATT razor with H1 and H2 plates along with the box. I purchased this during the ATT Christmas sale and have only used it once with each plate. I will consider trading for or towards a .95oc SS Timeless Razor or for the .78oc Bronze Timeless. Will also consider Paladin Lotus brushes.

I am asking $125 shipped for this. US only for now due to recent issues I have had with overseas shipping.

[Image: Hka3a2P.jpg]

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I would be interested in the H2 plate if you decide to split.
I will keep you in mind if I decide to split the plates.
Heck of a deal. Stan sold a bunch of stuff cheap, temporarily driving down prices. But the quality of the product is outstanding. If I didn't already have both the H1 and H2 razors, I'd be all over this.

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If you want to sell the H1 plate, let me know. Thanks.
Parallax, I agree with you 100%. I find myself using my ATT S1 and S2 more than this plus I am eyeballing the copper Windsor with H1 plate.

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