Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!


A. Feitar
Portland, OR
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Selling as one lot for $15 plus $15 in shipping USA, Total $30.

All are new/unused.  Shipped via 2-3 day priority mail.

Rolls-Royce Decanter, Deep Woods After Shave, 6 fl.oz.
REO Depot Wagon Auto Decanter, Oland Aftershave, 5 fl.oz.
Star Signs Decanter, Sweet Honesty Aftershave, 4 fl.oz.
Twenty Dollar Gold Coin Decanter, Windjammer Aftershave, 6 fl.oz.
Theodore Roosevelt Decanter, Tai Winds After Shave, 5 fl.oz
Dune Buggy Decanter, Sports Rally Aftershave, 5 fl.oz
One Cent Penny Decanter, Excaliber Aftershave, 4 fl.oz.

[Image: zKhBSS2.jpg]
[Image: 7Ntqzov.jpg]

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I can't believe this is still here. If I didn't already have seven vintage Avon decanters, and no storage space, I'd be all over this. This is the deal of the year. I'm thinking about buying this lot and keeping it in my storage unit, but while stay-at-home my wife would notice the package delivery. I can't underscore enough what a great deal this is--the best deal I've seen for 2020, or longer.

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