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Prices include shipping to the USA

(Listed from left to right in the first picture). I have the original boxes for some and will include them if I have them!

1. Thater 28mm 3-band Ivory Handle. $85

2. Thater 26mm 2-band Ivory Beehive Handle. ** SOLD **

3. Shavemac 25mm 3-band D01 Knot. Ivory Handle. $70 (sells new for $189!)

4. Rudy Vey 28mm 2-band. TGN knot. Jade Handle. ** SOLD **

5. Epsilon Butterscotch Handle, 24mm TGN 2-band knot. ** SOLD **

[Image: 5b958cf82a2a6d40df99408c6cc34139.jpg]

[Image: a97f3d4f780944c9c84fd57b98f77788.jpg]

[Image: 1421c65d1043f8037d4cd7f7efa89549.jpg]

[Image: 04e0d9f93dd4deb584b9a3f10722fd0a.jpg]

[Image: 50e0723dc12e7e07768ca3b5aa3111a5.jpg]

[Image: 2fca4feb494dd0e1052289e110d3ff74.jpg]

[Image: 7a5e3dc8d71ba1bca940c4c72b565b12.jpg]

[Image: 02d30f01e2a5a9357812777eba0f0f4b.jpg]

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Beautiful brushes- someone will miss out if you don’t snag that Rudy Vey. I have one of his brushes and he is on par with the best of them.

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I'll take the Thater Beehive.
Thater Beehive Sold

Price drops on some of the others

I would trade for a Blackland Dart in mint condition
Shavemac and Thater 3-band Brushes still available.

These are expensive, premium brushes... steal them at these low prices!

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