San Jose, California
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Shipping: CONUS - 3 for 1 soap, 5 for 1+

   1. Irish Traveller. New/Never Used. In a stirling metal tub. - $5

   2. Cuppa Joe. Lightly Used. In an old First Canadian Tub. - $4

   3. Sandalwood - no label. Used 1x. In a high quality metal tin like old CRSW. - $4

   4. Eucalyptus & Spearmint - In a good plastic tub. Lightly Used - $4

So for 22 USD, you can have four high quality soaps shipped.

I am only selling to make room for more Mystic Water soaps in different scents.

I will entertain trade offer with other Mystic Water soaps.

[Image: EA2xMOx.jpg]

[Image: NDuhjWf.jpg]

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