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Bellingham, Washington USA
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Hi Folks,

I have no use for these so I’d like to sell them and donate 100% if the proceeds to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

$39 for the lot. Sorry I won’t separate

1. Ikon OSS Stainless

2. Windrose K3 Stainless

3. RazoRock Super Knurl Stainless

4. Unknown plated

I’ll ship USPS Priority and throw in a nice sample of blades as a freebie

[Image: 10be1da45c7875084ff0c9aee9f713e9.jpg]

[Image: fec757a9adf1b062cdd1bef8261f6fb4.jpg]

[Image: 6041669c3c7e3b4578b01925105020b4.jpg]

[Image: 9c808b60dfd59b208f8cac9243914732.jpg]

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Paul, your devotion to Seattle Children's is inspiring. This is a great deal, and the proceeds will make a difference. I encourage all to think hard about jumping into this win-win.

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I believe that listed order of the Windrose K3 Stainless and RazoRock Super Knurl Stainless is reversed.

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