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I have these 3 nice razors up for grabs today. $29 takes all 3! (Scroll all the way down to see the 3rd razor I just added).

1). PAA Prismatic Head on a Falcon Stainless Handle

2). Made in England Gillette Twist Slim. Date code: L2

[Image: 91aa297082b9930e950211ddcec60a93.jpeg]

[Image: 8c830fc317181ec2752ebaf79eb881b2.jpeg]

[Image: cba2e5872de12894156e794815c1045c.jpeg]

[Image: f277b219ce035af37e3dceac9f4b890d.jpg]

[Image: 4250a0b753fca7a5361dae384466b01b.jpg]

[Image: aa4f4a4c17f268655c0eb6ef27ed63b2.jpg]

[Image: a123a0eb5e738e22d9ca15a5cf432518.jpg]

[Image: e1e9afa797784d8011a3f4355bed9062.jpg]

Want to trade for the Gillette Slim adjustable that I am selling on DFS?
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I’ll also throw in this Made in Japan Personna Shavette as a freebie!

[Image: d5eb557e4028b330b7c33683906e06ff.jpg]

[Image: 03a132f8b3254bc5e6e3caffd83dedff.jpg]

[Image: 6a346aadf369d7e8a36dac9cd9ec0c26.jpg]
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Let’s get these sold today... price drop all the way down to $29 Shipped for all 3 razors!

The Prismatic Head is seriously good and worth the price of this entire lot

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