A. Feitar
Portland, OR
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250 Wizamet Super Iridium DE Blades - New Old Stock

I recently purchased 500 of these excellent blades and realize that I don't need them all.  For sale is a unopened sleeve on 250 Wizamet Super Iridium Blades.  Inside are 25 tucks with 10 blades each.

These were made in St. Petersburg, Russia and are no longer in production.  If you do some research on the forums you will find excellent reviews.

$49.99 with FREE shipping in the USA.

[Image: HqAjrcA.jpg]
[Image: CMdNui0.jpg]
[Image: I4yGCgn.jpg]
[Image: mp0ORQG.jpg]
[Image: 4QCE0ys.jpg]
[Image: Ir8eprH.jpg]
[Image: cWe3pgU.jpg]
Among my favorite blades.

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