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Woodstock, VT
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Gents, will ship the same day its delivered to me. Jars are being mailed today.

The story behind this is I now have a strict 7 soap (one week) limit in my den. Having had around 100 soaps at one point I have decided on a 7 soap rotation. This LE would have made it 8. If I break my limit I know I will be on a slippery slope! The discipline is hard but sticking to it.

Same price from L&L delivered. All are sold out.

$21.50 conus. Thanks. Stock photo.

[Image: LgKzX0N.png]

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Damn wish i had your discipline!

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This must be part of a 12 step program

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Woodstock, VT
Trust me the 100 soaps sitting unused/used sparingly in the shave cave deteriorating was not a lot of fun! Rolleyes

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But you haven't even sniffed it yet!

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- Jeff

Woodstock, VT
That's the discipline.

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I sent you a mail, it wouldnt let me PM you.

Woodstock, VT
Email sent to you Swelly!

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Is there a minimum # of posts I need to reach in order to access PM/mail on here?

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