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I have a tub of B&M Sinfonia that is about 85% full, probably more.  It is unavailable but sold for $21 plus shipping new.  Also included is a tub of Jacinthe Soap ($21 new) and Aftershave ($19 new) that is about 75%. I am asking $30 shipped in the US for the bundle.

[Image: 6Lw6pcb.jpg]

[Image: pNeP2Jl.jpg]

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I would also trade for Roam or Grooming Dept, if some is interested.
Added Jacinthe Set to create bundle deal!
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Why is this still here? 2 tubs of soap and a splash. This is Barrister and Mann Reserve people! Smile

Those are actually Glissant soaps. GLWTS anyway! I was tempted to offer up my back up of Roam for trade, but decided against it.
- Jeff
(08-04-2018, 05:53 PM)celestino Wrote: NJDJ & TONE Shaves, lovely photos, gentlemen. Happy2

I just checked and you are correct, sir! They are Glissant soap base. BTW, I would do the trade for your Roam...my 3 for your 1.

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