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US shipping only. The final 2 brushes I am going to part with. Both handles were custom poured by Brett Mozingo and are sporting Elite Razor knots. The black and pink brush is 26mm (I think) Premium Manchurian and the blue and pink and is much smaller handle with a 24mm standard Elite Razor knot. Believe me when I say the “standard” knot should not be called such as they are very nice too.
No coin mounted in the bottom of either handle.

I am asking $50 shipped for the black and pink brush and $35 shipped for the smaller blue and pink brush. Take both for $75 shipped.

[Image: Z4u6hE6.jpg]
Do either of these happen to have the Mozingo coin/emblem on the bottom?
No coins on the bottom. I forgot to mention that. Took the picture but didn't post it.

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