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Bellingham, Washington USA
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Both are 26mm and both do shed some. Therefore, I’m selling each of these brushes very cheap and donating all the proceeds to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

$55 each or both for only $99.

If you buy both, I will also include Priority Shipping and fill the flat-rate box with other nice freebies.


[Image: 44783682cd80c5bb4547937781be1afd.jpg]

[Image: af987fecb28e337fc47eb93cf379a04c.jpg]

[Image: cb9ae341b9715b4bccb29a3d3acf127a.jpg]

[Image: ab784cd7eb19b99c59bab51b127899a0.jpg]

[Image: 8d8c76a403c4f5ca0ac724a4c766b8ea.jpg]

[Image: fa9944bc79b6d1c32fa180cdf1414a7b.jpg]

[Image: de982c5544f7e7532dba90e72bf6febf.jpg]

[Image: 3bc27b742abad89155e6fd4e4caf3e83.jpg]

[Image: f27376663cdae731705ca7d4e04f1ca4.jpg]

[Image: 7ab1c05121936ccede35988546488811.jpg]

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that's a great cause! GLWS!!

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What knot is that Shavemac?

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