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So diving right into redoing some of the knots in some handles. Have always been a synthetic person but want to try badger. What would you recommend for the absolute softest knot? I care about softest above all as too much scratch causes me irritation. For example a tgn silvertip grade A, elite razor, declaration b7, etc..
Softness in regards to individual hairs being very soft, you can find a vendor who sells 3 band knots that have gone through some treatment process for coloring and/or bleaching the tip ends.

[Image: eTDbyt1.jpg]

[Image: UDYFlZx.jpg]

[Image: ussTvQB.jpg]

[Image: 9GkOdCt.jpg]

[Image: KU5cgO2.jpg]

[Image: I6K0qGW.jpg]

Both of these were TGN knots but circa 2013/14. These were both treated badger hair knots in my opinion. They were soft and luxurious but they didn't truly offer what I wanted or needed from a badger knot.

Excellent value on these knots for their price!

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If by soft you mean no backbone, high loft and soft tips - tough to beat Kent. If you like backbone, medium loft and soft tips - Simpson pretty freaking outstanding (hear Declaration even better but yet to try).

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Thaeter 3 band silvertip is one of the softest brushes I ever used. Please be advised that it has huge splay, soft tips and almost zero backbone, so if you'd like some backbone, I won't recommend it.
My lovely Kents. I own both the Size 8 and 12 and there is none softer. Perhaps too soft for some but I manage face lathering just fine. Paint strokes are the secret.
Another way to get softness in a knot is to choose something to be less dense rather than more dense, a fan shaped will splay more to it's equal packing yet formed into a bulb, and one more for the road is to have two equal knots but to secure one at a higher exposed loft. This will allow for more flex and give versus a knot set deeper into the handle.

Torrid makes a good comment as well and I will suggest the same. Painting side to side strokes are going to feel softer on the skin compared to circular movements. I think you get more exfoliation with circles on the face.

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