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Hi All-

I’ve been a wet shaver for over seven years now and I’ve had really good luck with my shaving routine and soaps.

I bought a few pucks of St. Charles Shave soap and have shaved with two (2) of them, producing excellent, great smelling lather. I love SCS products!

I used my first soap puck last week, and lathered straight from the tin it came in. After my shave, I ensured that all liquid water and moisture was drained from the container, and set it out to dry overnight, like all my other soaps following a shave.

I usually check the exposed soap surface after 24 hours to ensure that it has dried adequately. This time I checked after 24 hours, and the top 1/16” of the puck was mushy and felt “wet”, with a consistency of cold cream of wheat, or uncured soap. I decided to give it another 24 hours...The next day it felt the same. Over the weekend I put a fan on it and left it going for another 24 hours. No luck.

It has now been almost a week, and the top of the puck still feels soft and mushy. In fact, when a press a little harder, it almost feels as if the entire puck has become soft, almost like a croap.

I decided to try another SCS puck, but this time a different scent. Same results.


1) Do you think the soap is ruined? It does not smell like it’s gone bad - In fact it smells amazing.

2) If not ruined, do you think I should set it out for as long as it takes to “dry”? It may take ‘weeks’ to do at the rate I’m experiencing.

3) Do you think it would be safe to reseal in the tin if it remains “mushy”?


Any advice, or recommendation is much appreciated. Thanks, and Shave On!


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Air it out as long as possible. Had a tub of a softer conistancy soap have a similar problem. Lathered from the tub and it took several weeks to dry properly. Was not long enough to effect the scent.

Once this happens, you may want to scoop and bowl lather with this particular soap to prevent this from happening again.
If you have a self defrosting refrigerator put it in there near the warmest section.

Then exercise patience. It may take several days but it will dry as long as it doesn't freeze.
Bury it in kitty litter for a week. Big Grin Tongue Wink

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Have you either called or written the company asking them if this is this typical? Sometimes batches from any company can be defective. In LA our humidity is dry and I have never had a problem like that A few hours after use and the soap is dry. On the other hand is this a CROP. Not all soaps are hard tippled milled; there are some soft soaps that you could almost push your finger into.

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