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Hey guys need to decide in hurry which Simpson to buy.  Have heard great things about both hairs but need to understand the difference from end user perspective.  What are the bowl lathering and face characteristics of each type of hair?  Are gel tips only characteristic of 2/3 band silvertip??  Which is better investment if ever sold down line (highly doubtful but possible)?  This will be my daily brush really about 5 times a week, properly cleaned and stored hanging after each usage.  Do they differ in breakin??  Just presume I know nothing.  Coming directly from Chubby 2 Supper and liked it  Probably get matching breakdown travel brush if the hair suits me.  Simpson is the brand so please let's stick to that line even if Declaration is the knot of the moment.  Every extra cent can get hands on lately going to animal (particularly canine) rescues so not a collector.
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I am very interested to follow this thread. I currently have a Super Chubby 1 and a Best Duke 3 and am looking for either a 2-Band Silvertip or Manchurian. Not sure which to go for. I am a bowl latherer that likes medium backbone but very soft tips.
Manchurian and 2-band is fairly similar, but there are differences. Manchurian has a stiffer backbone vs 2-band Silvertip’s more resilient backbone. Silvertip has some better give. Manchurian is less likely to give. The tips of the Silvertip are typically a bit softer too and with a bit better flow than Manchurian does. I have seen more consistency in the 2-band Silvertip. That’s not to ding Manchurian as they have a bit more character, but I’ve had more of those and appreciate their own unique attributes.

For all these comparisons I’m thinking of a variety of Chubby 2s I have. Manchurian can present excellent flow in the less dense brushes like T3 and the Dukes. You can dial in closer to what you are looking for by looking at different models.

All Chubby 2 models are very dense. You need to go Shavemac unique to get better density now, or you could go old good Rooney 3-band Heritage or 1st gen Espilon to find denser. Best and 3-band Super are very much alike with 3 band Super being slightly thinner and stiffer giving a greater wall of badger feel with excellent softness. 2-band Super (Silvertip) has more resiliency in the hair while being thicker. This combo gives the impression it is denser but overall it really isn’t. Manchurian is a bit odd in that it’s between 3-band Super and 2-band Silvertip. It is thinner than the 2 band but thicker than 3-band and the resiliency of the hair is again between the two. Tip softness is a bit rougher in nature, but yet it feels good on the face. Not quite a scrub. 2-band Silvertip has a softer touch than Manchurian typically, but I’ve got some oddball Manchurian that exhibit a touch of gel tips. I’ve never had that with 2-band Super.

Loft can play a big part on how the brush performs. I have an extremely dense Amber Chubby 2 Manchurian and a Candy Stripe Chubby 3 and the Chubby 3 brand new is like it is already broken in. Of course the specs are different, but mine is a bit loftier than I expected, but having experienced it I wouldn’t change it by a mm. It’s spot on.

I combo bowl lather and face lather. I’ll whip up a bit of lather in my scuttle and to keep it warm between passes but face lather primarily to build lather. I feel it promotes itself well to being used either way, but would say unless you are using a shallow bowl like the Aesop SS bowl, face lathering is the way to go.

I can say for the second poster if you like medium backbone and very soft tips there are better options out there. Thater 2-band or Shavemac 2-band would be right up your alley. I would lean slightly towards a Shavemac. Be careful going fan on the Thaters. They bloom excessively and feel much larger than it should I feel. Gel tips are more pronounced on Thater, while Shavemac presents a good balance. If you have to go Simpson my Jubilee has a touch of gel tips to it and fits your description of what you want I feel. Might be a good option to keep an eye out for.

Hope I was able to stay on track and provide some good info. Not used to typing out such a long reply on my phone. Lol

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Just be aware that Simpson’s doesn’t want you to splay their knots. Painting strokes only per manufacturer
That bit of advice applies to any manufacturer of brushes.
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Manchurian has more backbone and good scrub while the tips are soft, not scritchy. 2 band silvertip is very soft with zero scrub, though it has more backbone than either Best or Super.

Manchurian > 2 band > Best > Super. All Chubbys have good backbone though.

2 band > Super > Manchurian > Best

I love them all, though my favorite would be the Manchurian. Still, you can't go wrong with any of them.
(01-18-2019, 02:57 AM)kooshman7 Wrote: That bit of advice applies to any manufacturer of brushes.

Not entirely true

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Been sorta wondering about this myself. I have a Chubby 2 Super and wondered how much better/different Manchurian or 2 Band would be. I guess you never really know until you try but it's a lot of coin to drop on unknown.
(01-19-2019, 12:55 AM)Kehole Wrote:
(01-18-2019, 02:57 AM)kooshman7 Wrote: That bit of advice applies to any manufacturer of brushes.

Not entirely true

Can you provide an example of a manufacturer that wouldn't?
(01-19-2019, 11:44 PM)kooshman7 Wrote:
(01-19-2019, 12:55 AM)Kehole Wrote:
(01-18-2019, 02:57 AM)kooshman7 Wrote: That bit of advice applies to any manufacturer of brushes.

Not entirely true

Can you provide an example of a manufacturer that wouldn't?

Declaration Grooming

Paladin also makes no explicit mention to this on their warranty page as well.

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