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Restitutor Orbis
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Interesting, this one had me curious since last year. Thanks for letting us know where to get one. I wonder if Maggards will also have this scent in the future cause I have things to get from there as well.. hmm..

Oops I just found out it's only sold through their website, thing is they don't seem to have my country on their billing drop down list. Man I hate that. Thanks for the review anyway.

Chazz Reinhold HOF
Very nice review of a very interesting soap. I'm intrigued by the hardness.
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I bought the original release and then a couple moths later purchased a couple for my dad. Thats when I noticed the newer tub was only 4oz. The original was 6 or 8. I can't recall.

But I didn't notice a particular hardness like Chris, so that may be the 2016 formula difference

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