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As some of you may recall from earlier posts, have incredibly sensitive skin that makes premium wet shaving not a hobby but rather a quest.  The shave routine settled upon to produce a BBS is a byzantine process devoid of any satisfaction other than that derived by a smooth face and minimal irritation.  Over the years virtually every product hailed as mitigating irritation has been employed and assessed with the primary factors being the two aforementioned criteria over price and availability.  Those of you with less sensitive skin be thankful for being so blessed.  About 1,5 years ago dfoulk introduced Grooming Dept as a premiere soap maker and life has gotten incredibly better ever since!

The quest has resulted in a handful of suppliers being the sole source of shaving products: James duFour razors in DC ranging from 0,54 to 0,67 (and BBS1 - the absolute best razor ever from my experience), Timor blades (vintage craftsmanship at more affordable prices), Thayers Medicated Witch Hazel (little more expensive but works slightly better than generic witch hazels), Pitralon AS (fantastic bang for buck line of AS splashes), ABC AS Balms (hands down the best by far but Godawfully expensive) and Grooming Dept Soaps (From top to bottom, old formulations to the latest, hands down the best soaps for sensitive skin at any price and way too inexpensive for how good they work - Wholly Kaw DM variants being second in a pinch).  Hitherto, while ALL the GD soaps have yielded great results, the Donkey Milk was the best on my skin and climate.  Living in the SouthEast and spending a couple hours a day working out in a brutal sun really takes a toll on the skin especially from a hydration aspect which is where the GD Donkey Milk base truly shines even amongst its brilliant stablemates.  Moreover, DEDestroyer had influenced ceasing chasing collections of scented soaps that added expense but also sources of potential additive irritants, so have mostly cleared out all but unscented soaps from the rotation.

Recently obtained some Grooming Dept Lusso base in unscented and, while not seeking something better than what was in the rotation, nonetheless tried it for the sake of experimentation.  All I can state is Good God, as great as all the other Grooming Dept soaps ever tried have been, this is a quantum leap forward!

Was told this base was an attempt to capture elements of the classic Italian soaps, which truth told, have always favoured prior to trying Grooming Dept soaps but while slick and cushioned, left my skin dry and irritated to various degrees; ABC being the best of the lot (even liked their scent).  Upon opening the container there was a reminiscing of sorts based on the look, texture and general croapiness which was a good way to assuage trepidation of forsaking a known solid performer and taking that leap of faith.  So as to facilitate passing to friends if it didn't measure up to the current standards of GD soaps being used, scooped from the container and mixed in a bowl, something I had abandoned since going to exclusively unscented soaps.  The soap lathered up instantly - REALLY INSTANTLY - and didn't give one damn how much nor little water was used instead just varying thickness; really it was impressive and had the desire to create soap porn, could easily accomplish the feat even having no talent in that regard.  The ease of lathering was startling and confidence inspiring, encouraging lathering up and so I did.  Hitherto, a handful of soaps had characteristics one forever associated with their usage: Cella scent, Grooming Dept Mallard moisture, i Coloniali Mango slickness&c - the Lusso has an unbearable lightness of being as though flying IFC through a bank of seaside clouds.  It just is a unique tactile sensation never experienced in a soap and as unique in a positive manner as Tabula Rosa is unique in an odd manner.  Funny thing is, while lathering over 3-4 minutes on really clean but sun weathered skin, it never felt different remaining light fluffy and moist throughout.  The shave revealed just a perfect blend of cushion and slickness, even after repeated touchups without relathering to test its residual properties during my requisite 3 pass shave.  The post shave fulfilled every expectation the shave had raised and then some - even amongst the other Grooming Dept soaps, the Lusso stands out as being the most light and refreshing ever experienced.  

Having used the Lusso on 2 shaves, have to state it is hands down the single best soap ever used at least for summer.  It is best summed as possessing every favourable element of every Grooming Dept base ever produced in one soap with a lightness and refreshing post shave surpassing even the Lamb and Donkey Milk bases.  At least for summer, this will be my sole soap.  Please keep this soap in production in an unscented version!

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Is this a new product Dan?

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Direct from Mo. Have been an advocate of producing his soaps in unscented form so he sold some base. BUT it is identical to the Lusso in scented form other than lacking scent. Lusso is a great base at least for summers!
I don't know what the deal now is with Grooming Dept., but being "unobtainium" can't be good in today's fast paced market. No product = people spending $$ elsewhere. I really wanted to try one, but I can't buy "vaporware".

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