Chester County, PA
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Ohh!!! Mamma mia!! good they must be.

Gian66 - I think there will be some going to Slovenia soon.  Can you have alcohol splashes forwarded to you in Italy from your Delaware address?

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Chester County, PA
Rudy Vey 

Rudy Vey hand-turned brush with a 24mm Shavemac Fan.  Probably my 10th brush or so from Rudy, always great.  

I love Shavemac knots, not chemically treated or gelled more or less natural.  Lots of backbone, never scritchy and good at releasing lather.  

FYI - you would pay double this price with a lesser knot from many other brush makers. 

[Image: hvJzde6.jpg]

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[Image: pzGbdKD.jpg]

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Piemount (Italy)
[Image: yEzFQkW.jpg]

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