I've been considering getting a mixed Badger / Boar brush for some time. I have the Omega mixed midget as a travel brush and it really shines, especially for it's size.

However, there is a very limited number of mixed hair brushes available.

Semogue did a LE a few years ago, and have brought it back, but added a resin handle.


Anybody try this yet?

Who offers the best pricing?
I think it looks outstanding! Gifts and Care has them in stock. Domestic sellers will follow soon.
That's a nice looking brush, I think it looks really sharp with that handle. I have one of the Mistura mixed-knot brushes and I enjoy it.
I've heard pretty good things about the Maggard mixed knots as well, although I think they only sell the loose knots (24 or 26mm) so you'd need to set it separately.

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I had the LE 2012 and sold it. It was nice but the loft was too high for my liking.
This one should be very interesting.
I would have probably ordered one, but I recently installed a 26mm mixed knot from maggard razors in a handle I had and it is such a fantastic brush I can't justify the purchase.

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