I purchased a brand new Semouge 1438 and it came with strange rippled paint on the red part of the handle. Is this normal and has anyone else had this problem?[Image: Ptd3vkL.jpg][Image: 06lBnB8.jpg]

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Not normal.
It's not normal. If I recall right I had a similar issue with another painted Semogue that looked like that and it eventually cracked. I believe it is a problem with moisture getting trapped causing the rippling of the paint. I would contact the vendor about it.
Send a pic to the manufacturer and see what they say.
That is odd. Looks like it was wrapped in plastic when the paint was wet or too much paint and they put a fan to it.
I’d be interested to know if the OP ended up getting this replaced. Unfortunate though Semogue painted handles tend to have a lot of issues. I’ve had I think 3 that eventually start cracking and peeling, it’s been pretty common among users which is a bummer.

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I have several Semogue brushes but only 1 painted one, the 1305.  I love that brush and Ive had no trouble with the paint finish.  I try not to bash it off the side of scuttles and lather bowls and when I pre-soak it I try to keep the water level just below the handle level so I'm just soaking bristles but other than that I've taken no special care of it and its performed well for 5+ years.  Its beautifully broken in with soft split ends. There must be some quality control issues.

The rippled paint from the get go isn't normal and I'd ask the vendor for an exchange.
[Image: 52yIqw6.jpg][Image: EHBHtCq.jpg]
Round two. Different vendors, different model, same issue. It seems Semogue has some kind manufacturing problem. Both vendors did the the right thing and either refunded or replaced the brushes.

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I'm glad to hear that the vendors did right by you and I would have been surprised if they had not.  Looking at the pictures it looks like the brush maker is using a heat shrink film rather than actual paint.  I can't tell for certain from the image but there does look like there's a seam at the edge of where the wrinkling starts.  Maybe it wasn't heated enough to get proper shrink fit.  If the vendor is letting you keep the defective brush you might want to try putting a heat gun on it for a bit to see if the film tightens up.

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