Athens, Greece
Hello everyone!

I'm offering the following:

  • French soap lot, Savon de Volcans Romarin Menthe, 95+% full, discontinued, simply amazing soap, retail was about 19 euros before shipping + LPL Rose de Pushkar, one of the best rose scented soaps in the industry, 85% full, retail is( or was) 22 euros before shipping.

           I will sell these only as a lot. Price for the soaps is $30, plus $12 for the shipping cost( worldwide).  

  •  Unused shaving sticks. 3 of the very best, or the best by many. Valobra, Speick, LEA. All contain tallow. Valobra retails for 10 euros, Speick for 5.5 euros, LEA for 2.5 euros.

           I will sell these three together. Price for the sticks is $18, plus $12 for the shipping cost( worldwide).

  • Also, I'm offering a couple of NOS Schick Injectors.

           These were produced between 1968 and 1972
           Hydro-Magic lever, an extremely useful feature
           2 Schick Super Chromium blades in the package
           Packaging is in NEW condition, even if they're 50 yo. So they're collectibles.

               Price for each NOS is $30, plus $7 for the shipping cost( worldwide). If you buy both, shipping is $10( also worldwide).

               Full disclosure: I have these on Ebay, sold many at a different, more expensive price, but thought I'd give a member or two the chance to own them at a lower price. Last time I posted these on fora was months ago and most probably it's the last time they're beeing offered.

[Image: gp196br.jpg]

[Image: tJTpNpZ.jpg]

[Image: XuUy0Pc.jpg]

[Image: mwSkc1v.jpg]

[Image: AhlbpR7.jpg]

Thanks for looking!

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