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I used to think Razorock soaps were squarely mediocre, but SMdF really changed my tune on what the brand could put out. When Joe announced the Dead Sea soap, it sounded at least as good as SMdF if not better. Who's gonna take a shot on this one?

Austin, TX
I'm in on this and Emperor as well.
I ordered it!
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I hope to add a tub to my order when The Hawk is released.

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What Bruce said!
- Jeff

I plan to get it... I have just to figure out the right time to order it so that can I combine the purchase with other items. This item is quite heavy and shipping overseas, by weight, is quite expensive...


Austin, TX
Here too. I have to say again that Joe is bringing it hard this summer!

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I can't. It has cannabis oil written on top of the jar, I'm hesitant that I may have trouble with our customs if ever. I hope Joe releases a version without this ingredient.

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Would like to but not sure if my work will allow me to mail it there. One more package arrives at my door and my wife will castrate me lol

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