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This is the kind of shave you get when you realize you don’t know shit about your Jnat! Lol it was actually a good shave considering I shaved yesterday. I got BBS in many areas but I did miss a few spots. I find this is normal when you don’t lay the blade completely flat. This razor performed wonderfully considering the last time I used it. I learned that there is no set progression when using my Ozuku and I still need a lot of R&D on it. I knew it wasn’t the razor because it took a synthetic edge wonderfully. This razor taught me a whole lot and I learned I can get a hell of a lot sharper than I normally do. Due to the fact that my Ozuku is extremely hard, time is key! Strokes cannot be counted, I had to rely on my loupe and feel the stone was giving me. I still feel like I can go a lot sharper with more time.


PRESHAVE: Hot shower
Strop: English Bridal 3” CastleShave
Soap: Declaration Grooming Y/R/P
Brush: Brad Sears Custom 30mm 2 band
Aftershave: Declaration Grooming Y/R/P

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