I also have the Omega 011842 mentioned earlier in this thread. At the moment I am just palm and bowl lathering until it‘s broken in, but for this it performs exceptionally well. Great backbone and flow-through without it flinging the lather in all directions. I still love my shavemac badgers, but this Omega comes up alot more frequently in my rotation. It just has character, if that can be said about a handful of hair Wink
ABC makes a nice boar brush, but it will cost you 82 Euros.

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(12-21-2019, 03:15 PM)lloydrm Wrote: To me the best has been an Omega knot (from a 49 or and 89) set into an artisan handle nice and low.
Since I tried this configuration I lost interest in Anything else and sold several badgers.
That’s a good idea. I do like the Omega 1049 boar knot but not a fan of the handle.

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Zenith for sure! I love mine and the handles are some of my favorites out there. Their boar knots have an excellent face feel because they are not cut. The knot can look a little messy because of this, but i gave away my omegas after using the zenith. Ymmv but I think they are way underrated. Also a zenith boar has a shorter break in because of the bristles not being cut like others

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I love me some pig! I use pig brushes probably 80 percent of my shaves (daily face and head shaver). I am of the belief that Omega makes the best pig brushes, though I do wish they offered better handles. That SOC Taj handle is really nice, but I'm just not a huge fan of Semogue knots. I did just receive a Mondial (makes the ABC brushes) that I got for a song, but have not begun using it yet. To me, there is nothing finer than my 5 year old Omega 49, a tube of Palmolive Rinfrescante or Proraso, and my 89 loaded with a medprep. A simple, cheap but luxurious (to me) shave. I've had many of the high-end razors, brushes and soaps and creams, but seem to always come back to that setup.

I guess that's my long way of saying I like Omega pig brushes.

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