I haven't used a boar in years but just purchased a Thater boar. I am in love with this brush! Are there other amazing boars out there? Recommendations please! Who makes the best boar knots?
I've only used Omegas. But I found the Connaught Omega with the faux jade handle is super soft right out of the box. It seems like it's already broken in. The handle is nice and solid with a bit of heft to it. Feels good in the hand. Looks mighty nice as well. One of my favorite brushes out of my 16.
thanks - i'll check it out!
Since I've used the Omega 80097 I've put aside my other boars. Takes a little breaking in (a little) but it's simply great! Just the right side for me (this is subjective of course), great loft and also very cheap. So no harm done if you don't like it. I think it's worth a try.

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I'm with you! Love the softness of a broken-in boar. My favorites right now are an omega 10066 knot I cannibalized to put into a Dubl Duck vintage restore and a Semogue 830 that I use on the reg. I'm also digging the badger/boar mixed knots Maggard sells.

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Paragon shaving has a real nice boar. Possibly one of my favourite brushes
Check with Rob Moffett of TDR on where he got his boar knots for the OCSC handles. Beats out every boar I've ever tried/owned.

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Razorock premium boar, I have with wild west handle.
[Image: 1557276294822.jpg]

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Zenith does a really good boar.

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I liked the Shave Forge Boar Knot (28mm x 70mm). I glued the knot deep into the handmade pen of Igor Polyakov. The result was a very elastic shaving brush with a great massage.

29mm x 52mm:
[Image: 4f10e2707751.jpg]
[Image: 856d28f21025.jpg]

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