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I've discovered how easy it is to re-scent shaving soap that lost what it came with, or to change a scent I don't like to one that I do. I've also found how easy it is to change the shape of hard soap.

Case 1: Klar Seifen

I hate the shape of Klar Seifen soap, much preferring what Stirling and B&M do. While I like the Klar scent, mine had gone dead. So, I took a cheese grater and grated the soap, about 30 seconds. I put some different citrus scent in and worked it over with my hands with kneeding and squeezing, and put it in a 4 inch container.

Now, I have a scent I love with the shape I like, which is easy to lather.

Case 2: Tabac

Most agree that Tabac has an awesome soap base, with the scent being love it or hate it. I fall in the latter category. Also, I can handle it's size, but really like 4 inch containers. In this case, you have to get rid of the existing scent, which is done with heat. So, I grate the soap, same as before. I then put it in a crock pot or a double boiler on low. The heat will evaporate the scent. I'll mix it up really well and remove from heat.

I let it cool, though keep an eye on it. If it is too hot for my hands, it's too hot for the essential or scent oil. I add the oil, mix it in, put it in a four in container and I'm good to go.

It would be great to hear what others do, whether or not soap related, to have your shaving set up just the way you want it.

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Wow, Pete! You are very dedicated to modifying or remedying products to meet your needs.
Fortunately for me, the majority of my soaps are just lovely the way they are. If they do not meet my expectations, then I just sell/trade them, or use them for my baths.  Smile
I should state that I do transfer soaps into the 4 inch containers if I find the original packing too small. Furthermore, the majority of my Mystic Water pucks are transferred into shave-stick containers to allow me more time on my face with my brushes. Shy

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Good points. I'm a tinkerer, so I enjoy projects like this. I make my own bath soap as well.

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