Hi Gents,

I have an extra prototype head of the new RazoRock Game Changer.

I would love some feedback from anyone in the group that is interested.

I was thinking of a pass-around in the CONUS, because of ease and low cost of FC shipping with USPS.

If anyone is interested, feel free to start something up and I will gladly ship the head to the first participant.

If this is against DFS rules, I understand and I won't be offended if MODs delete this thread.

I don't need the head back, so maybe at the end it can be sent to Andrew and team for a future auction or something with proceeds going to the maintenance of DFS... just a thought.

If this ends up happening, just PM me with the first persons name and addy.

Cheers, Joe

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Soap Sniffers Anonymous
I’m in Canada and am willing to ship across the border if I could be included. If not I hope this is a good one. If this can happen

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I can take the first shot and pass on to the next participant if mods are ok

Joe, if this happens then lay down the basic rules

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In Canada as well so not in but looks great for those who can be.
I’m near Seattle and can join in on the pass around.

I’ve started the CONUS list below.

1. Bobusa
2. Sleeper
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I am also in Canada. Seems like there is enough interest to keep it in Canada. Would love to provide feedback for you. I'm just down the 401 in Kingston.
I never heard of Dame fine shave before. Joined this site just because of this opportunity.
bobusa, Please email me your address at : italianbarberhelp@gmail.com

If someone wants to send to Canada after it's USA tour, I'm fine with that, I just know what shipping in Canada is way more expensive.

Regarding the question above... No rules from me. would just like to see the feedback in a thread so I know if anything needs to be modified prior to production.

We have had a few people test it locally and everybody seems to love it, but I want feedback from a broader group of wet shavers.
I'd someone wants to send it to Canada please email me at cscarson14@gmail.com.

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It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
If it would be no issue, I would like to participate in this test trial pass around. I'm located in the East Coast of the States, New England area. I would have no issue in shipping to Canada if needed.....
Sounds like Joe is getting in contact with Bobusa to start the pass around.

I’m trying to keep the list updated as it grows. If you’d like to join please copy/paste the below and add yourself.

Current CONUS List:
1. Bobusa
2. Sleeper
3. GlazedBoker

1. Senate515
2. Monchoon
3. Cliveson

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