Recently bought this brush for 40 bucks.  New and never used.  22 mm knot in silver tip badger. Thought it looked very cool but I don't know all that much about it.  Some say that the handle is made of pewter but I have seen information that indicates it is silver/nickel.  Any info out there that can shed some light on this?  
[Image: cQqpWKo.jpg]
I really like the handle. Similar brushes on the web have been described as pewter but I assume you have already seen the same. I wouldn't say the knot is silvertip though. Looks like a pure-grade badger.
Thanks for the reply Rob. My thoughts exactly. I check it out thoroughly after I finally get it in the mail. If it turnout to be a stinker I'll replace the knot.


That is the brush from the discontinued Ralph Lauren Safari line.  
[Image: xHDa2sC.jpg]

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You are correct!
That handle is pretty cool. It would be even nicer with a quality Silvertip in there.
I recently replaced the knot with one from TGN. Their 2 band "Finest". Lathered with it for the first time last night. Fantastic! Once it breaks in it will be even better.

Saving through Spending
That's exactly what I was going to suggest doing; I would love to see a picture of the results. Gorgeous handle.
Here's a picture of the brush in full bloom.
[Image: bgp9jLZ.jpg]
That looks great. Nice job!

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