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I am so glad Chris Bailey told me about this site via youtube. Thanks to this site, I've been able to sell and trade items and make new friends while doing so. I love the civility that permeates postings and exchanges here, and the absence of bizarre rants about…come on fellas…shaving and shaving products. This site emphasizes the fun of this hobby. And I do get odd looks when I say that shaving is a hobby. But what's brilliant about this is that we've found a way to take what was for many men a distasteful, even dreaded, and expensive, chore and turn it into one of the day's highlights. To the fellas in charge, I offer my gratitude and admiration.

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thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you're enjoying the site. Smile
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Note to self: What the Hades are "props"?

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Fun and a light touch is what we are aiming for. Smile

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