Prohibition Style... Has anyone else had experience with them, as I've just ordered Capone's Bayrum, and already they've proven themselves to be a class act... can't wait to receive the soap...
Not easy to lather I am afraid ...
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we'll have to see about that, then... watch this space! Wink

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Well, the Prohibition Style: Capone's Bayrum Tallow croap is definitely up there, with no problems getting a really hydrated slick, protective lather. It delivered the performance I expect from a Tallow soap / croap, and did it effortlessly. In fact, it provided the base for an impeccable shave, that included the 1st use of a Personna Platinum blade. Yeah, colour me happy.... Smile

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The triple butter or five butter soaps are a pain to get a proper lather with but I've heard the croaps are much better. But for the price I can get a much more proven artisan.
Brushes. I can't stop buying brushes.

BTW have any brushes???

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