I don't understand the appeal of these brushes. I have 4: 2 new and 2 used. I think 3 of my brushes have simple plastic handles and the 4th has a horn handle. They are size 12 and smaller. And of all of my brushes, are simply too weak, floppy and wimpy, combined with the face that they have very loose and not dense hair knots, I simply don't see the appeal? Are all Plisson shaving brushes this way? Am I missing something? I am going to get rid of my 4 brushes on a familiar auction site.  I don't like them and They all are simply very, very disappointing? Again, I don't see the appeal?

Are you talking badger or synthetic? I have several synthetics that I like very much, no experience with their badger hair.
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Their synthetics, while once cutting edge, were left in the dust by the likes of the latest gen. synthetic knots such as those made by YaQi. As regards their hair brushes I know nothing.
I'm talking about their badger hair brushes.
Really? No one to agree or disagree? What I wonder is the price and the so floppy so not dense hair knots? What's going on?

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In my limited experience with vintage badger hair Plisson brushes, some indeed were floppy. However, some of the HMW ones had the very rare combination of good backbone and cloud-soft hair tips, which made them a true joy to use, unlike any other brushes I've used.
I would look through the forum archive and use the search function. See if any of my posts come up or check out the Plisson threads on the Shave Nook. They may not be for you as they are not the most loved company for different reasons but those who like their brushes have their reasons. I like their brushes for exactly the reason you mention above. They are made with different functionality in mind rather than lots of bleachy 2 band gel tipped hair stuffed low into a handle and meant to feel super backboney. These brushes really have never been compatible in price nor design in relation to what else there is on the market.

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I've had more than a few Plisson brushes over the past decade. Still have 2. What I loved about them was the scritchy feel of the HMW (High Mountain White) that I have, and have had. I bought an EW (European White) hoping it would be even scritchier, and it had soft tips ... go figure. 

Last year I bought another EW and it is scritchy !! All that I had were fine brushes. The two I have now, one from 8-10 years ago, and the EW from last year are great. I might add, the old HMW, purchased new, has a longer loft than I usually go for, but in spite of that is marvelously scritchy. 

The horn is the old HMW, the plexi is the newer EW ;

[Image: HjxhFh2.jpg]

[Image: SLTzh6u.jpg]

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My Plisson synthetic is my favorite brush by a wide margin, badger, boar, or synth. Don't much care that the handle is boring plastic it's performance is perfect for me.

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"Different functionality", I like that comment and it definitely explains my thoughts on Plisson shaving brushes. Thanks for that. Different functionality than what I look for in a shaving brush. I guess that goes for most every consumer item: Cars, houses, clothes,, etc., etc..

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