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I'm moving in two weeks. I also had a death in my immediate family and need to downsize asap.  

Simpson 58 Manchurian Badger:  Bought for $169 used.  SOLD.  
[Image: ad779cb116c764ab3b09796010786907.jpg]
[Image: bbeeb5cf08193ed465ddc880ce07dc9e.jpg]
[Image: 8bb8d37dac74f08709c068ff2c069b12.jpg]

Merkur 37C slant bar: new for approximately $48.95.  Used less than a dozen times. Yours for $30.00 shipped.
[Image: 49b54f6b814e78be93e85dfd75f73071.jpg]
[Image: 874ec0651c91f365e22583788984fbe8.jpg]

Razor stand (fits up to 4 razors): retail: $21.95.  SOLD.
[Image: 85fd68e7f311853041765c84e61cac52.jpg]
[Image: 9358f484821abdd8087bb4693a05f741.jpg]
[Image: 050c22fd6e3e4871b4a196b1887506ba.jpg]

MR7 razor stand: fits any razor up to 11.6mm.  TAKEN.  
[Image: b3ae8e096e14a98cfa790ffdd6ffab46.jpg]

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What is the knot size on the brush?

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Dfw, Texas
(08-18-2018, 08:04 PM)mrgr8ful Wrote: What is the knot size on the brush?

Taken from the Simpson site:

Overall brush height - 103mm
Handle height - 55mm
Knot loft - 48mm
Knot diameter - 23mm
Weight - 74g

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Dfw, Texas
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Added a few more items for sale.  Feather Artist SS Non-folding SE razor: retails new for approximately  $73.  Includes razor cover and box. SOLD.  [Image: a533f5b277e0a461eca125e52f0104be.jpg]
[Image: 9b444f3cbc0d896c4557cef0ded39779.jpg]

Colonial General SS single edge razor: Retails for $99 new.  SOLD. [Image: 7a7f124855988c5f4aa26f12df904fd8.jpg]
[Image: a3dad526de7e8d67f6a0f767e3f9b38c.jpg]
The knot on that 58 looks phenomenal! Heart

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Dfw, Texas
What is still available:

Razor stand: $20 shipped
Merkur 37C: $37 shipped
Feather SS: $52 shipped

Dallas TX
Really sorry to hear about your family.

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Dfw, Texas
(08-19-2018, 04:10 PM)MrChewbacca Wrote: Really sorry to hear about your family.

Thanks Dave

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Dfw, Texas
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Only one item remaining:
Merkur 37C razor- withdrawn

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