I've seen that people recommend pipe cleaning brushes for cleaning the hard to reach places in a razor. My question is what type of material should the brush be? I'm worried about it being to harsh and agresive for the razors material. I ordered this brush https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01AXOO...ol..._lig_dp_it. I have a Wilkinson Sword Classic https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0012Y1FCK/?tag=thshde-20 and I'm thinking of buying a Merkur or a Muehle. What pipe cleaning brushes you recommend that aren't too abrasive?

I use dental proxy brushes. They are small, nylon, and come in many sizes. These brushes work great on small parts of the mechanical razor and the caps, plates and handles of 2 and 3 piece razors. They do not scratch and cannot hurt any finishes. You can get 5 for a dollar at most dollar stores.

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Q-tips might work if it’s not too dirty. I use them to clean the slots where the base plate and top cap meet
I usually use a soft bristled toothbrush or the corner of a microfiber cloth. It seems to work well.
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I’ve always just used a toothbrush, cotton swabs, and a drop of dish soap with excellent results. I’ve recently upgraded to a boar toothbrush that I originally bought to try for my teeth but didn’t care for. The bristles are plenty soft, and can reach in corners and crannies. I also clean my razors when I change a blade (generally once every few weeks, the longest I’ve left a blade in was for a month). As long as you don’t let it build up it should always be easy to clean...and I live with 17+ grains hardwater.

I also rinse the razor well under running water, and swish in alcohol after every use. The alcohol helps dry between the top cap and baseplate, followed by a quick blow through the side of the top cap, followed by a quick dry down of the entire razor with a microfiber cloth. All of my razors present as new.

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