Perma Sharp was a brand of blades I received with my Fatip. I had never used them until tonight. I think Perma-Sharp is a strange name for a blade that is on par with Voskohd. But with that comparison, I received a very smooth and irritation free shave. I would throw Sputnik in the mix as a similar blade with a similar shave. I have 20 or 30 of these Perma-Sharp blades so it looks like I will be using them for quite some time.
Sorry but I did not catch the irony associated with the name Perma-Sharp, as you state that these blades were on par with Voskhod blades.  Are you saying that Voskhods are not sharp?  Does the name Perma-Sharp connote something dull and rough?  Just curious, but I agree that both of these blades are excellent [assuming that is what you meant.]  Enjoy!

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Yes I was saying they are not particularly sharp, although they give me a very smooth and trouble free shave.

Are these blades by Sharp?

I have some blades called 'Durablade' by Sharp.

They are Swiss quality in chromium.

I received ten of these blades.
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if you mean the ones in the brownish boxes "perma sharp super" love those, the sharp version not so much
Perma-Sharp was originally made in Turkey years ago. Gillette bought the factory and moved production to St. Pete, Russia. It's a top shelf blade nowadays as are all made in Russia IMHO. The aforementioned Sputnik is a fantastic blade and I rate it a notch above Voskhods and Astra SP. It is easily one of the smoothest blades I have ever used.

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I tried one before, but it reminded me too much of feathers so I swapped it out for a more mild blade. YMMV, of course!
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