It looks like the Chinese brands; QShave and Weishi are getting in on the Kickstarter action:


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That's something.

Is it all brass? I wonder.

I don't know about 50 Feather blades lasting a whole year though. Somebody's going to have a lot of razor burn I think if this is going to be their first DE razor.
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No way would the head be brass. It would certainly be called out if so as the handle is.

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for $50, it might be worth people picking it up if they want an adjustable DE.

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I’m in I want to see if this will be delivered before my Model T. Step up and place your bets. Not a bad price considering that almost half the price is the blades

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I just sent a message regarding material build on all the parts

It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
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I’m in. And it’s already funded. For $50, not a bad deal at all.
I was reading through the Comment section this morning and they say the butterfly opening top is brass also:

[Image: 87UjJoX.png]
Cool. I wish they had simply said the whole head was brass, since although it could be inferred it could also be just the doors. But that's good either way.

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I'm on fence as to whether to back it at this point. I like the fact it will be a heavier razor. At 3.5 oz, it will be slight heavier than a Blackbird (3.46 oz). But the main thing I don't like about the razor is the engraving on the bottom. They're engraving "QShave" around the bottom...they even have a short video showing the process. What would be really cool is if they did custom orders and allowed you to put any engraving on the bottom.

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