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Hi, fellow DFS members. Yes, you read that right: Mohammad and I are working on a release of a DE razor. We have been talking about combining resources for a couple of years now, and we are going ahead.

What this means for Paradigm is that the Javelin is being placed on hold for the time being. Much as I love titanium, it's just too expensive to produce -- and to purchase. A big part of the purpose of the collaboration is to end the "unobtainium" aspect of Paradigm razors. So the razor will be in stainless, a "daily driver" type, with a price tag that should be in the range of anybody on this forum. I don't want to get into specifics just yet, because things always change, subject mainly to design and machining requirements. But when things firm up, I guarantee I will be back out here with the information.

The combined brand is Apogee, and this razor is being called the Opus One.

I want to take the opportunity to thank everybody who has supported Paradigm with purchases, reviews, and good will. Apogee will return that with an outstanding, affordable, razor that you can actually get your hands on. Wink

Please feel free to ask questions or to comment, that's what we are here for. I know Mohammad is weighing in, and both of us will be keeping an eye on the thread.

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I’m thrilled that we now sharing with you Apogee Razors and our first razor, the Opus One. 

I have known Andrew for a couple of years now. We’ve had many conversations about razor designs and their functionalities. Over time we’ve come to the realization that we both have a passion to innovate.

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Good news! This is the SS razor that you talked about on another thread? Do you have a schedule?

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Yes. The schedule: we do, but just today, it's not that meaningful. At a certain point, dates will firm up, and I'll let you know then. A goal for Apogee is to never miss a deadline, once committed to.

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Thx. Andrew. The new razor’s design will continue to maintain the paradigm family style?

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Pics or it [won’t] happen! Wink

No, seriously, Looking forward to following this, Andrew and Mo!

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Let’s put it this way: all my releases have been somewhat different. Some things may change to keep costs down, but I would *never* compromise overall quality or the shave. Also, aesthetic standards will remain high. Mohammad is a perfectionist, too. We are both benefiting by bouncing ideas off each other, challenging one another’s thinking. So look for a razor very much in the Paradigm tradition, but with some novelty as well.

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Oh yeah, there will be pics, but not yet!

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Looking forward to this! I would
Love it if you all made a few different base plates that upped the aggression going forward.

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It’s amazing how much time we’ve spent on design iterations. I’m certain that this razor will leave its mark as a stunning functional piece of industrial design. I’m thankful for Andy’s patience dealing with my back-seat driver demands Smile

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