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For sale is Paladin WC-XL 30 mm Butterscotch. This brush was used twice, its really soft and good backbone. I am asking $240 $230 shipped CONUS. Will trade for mint condition polished SB Blackland Blackbird.

[Image: 9lkwWA6.jpg]
[Image: 5AfD2A0.png]
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Northern Arizona
What is the knot code please?
“Forty-two,” said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.
Knot code 2CSLE4
Would that my champagne tastes were better served by a tap water income. This brush took Best Of Show last sale and should be a keeper by any measure of sane rationale.
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price drop
Open to trade for mint condition polished blackbird.

Would you consider a mint BarbarosTR-2 as a trade.im based in the uk and will cover the postage.

Thanks Wik.
Is the Paladin brush still for sale?

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