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I recently added a couple of Paladin ebonite brushes to the collection and they are simply stunning. As more brushes will become available soon (and because of the latest release), I wanted to start a thread showcasing the ebonite. Please feel free to post pics of your ebonite brushes:

[Image: ecfbM7h.jpg]
[Image: QIh0e6S.jpg]
[Image: tkhe94g.jpg]
[Image: Dm4jL7D.jpg]

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[Image: ReNma3Y.jpg]
[Image: tHXGERf.jpg]
[Image: 5cyEbwR.jpg]

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Great thread idea. I love the ebonite.

[Image: Qyo0UuY.jpg]

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(01-21-2019, 04:39 PM)Lbkindy Wrote: Great thread idea. I love the ebonite.

[Image: Qyo0UuY.jpg]

Fantastic Lotus!

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Beautiful collection, Jorge. ! Happy2

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Some beautiful brushes. I'm trying to get into badger after being a long time synthetic user due to irritation from scritch. How soft are the paladins compared to other brushes? If possible a maggard 2 band comparison?

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Recently added the below ebonite brushes to the den; stunning!
[Image: GZJ4qWR.jpg]
[Image: isokR7R.jpg]
[Image: c57nq6u.jpg]
[Image: k7ZGSzz.jpg]

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Arrived yesterday. [Image: qR45MrW.jpg][Image: 1XdIcTE.jpg]

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The starting price is $300 and goes up from there. Why the steep cost?

[Image: Bl0eQCh.jpg][Image: 7wSOO7R.jpg]

My one and only Paladin in Ebonite. A 26mm Chief ‘Aurora’. My pics don’t do this Brush justice, the depth of color is stunning in person. I would love to add a Chief in ‘Deep Sea’ to the Den someday as well.

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