Montreal, Canada
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Clearing out some items that had never made it in to my rotation.

Due to shipping rates, I’d prefer selling all items together. (** Update: These items are being shipped from Canada).
The individual prices are simply to illustrate how I tallied the package total.
I hope my pricing logic is fair!

- Merkur 15c - a mildish open comb, perfect for traveling - $15
[Image: f4nvYWV.jpg]

- Plisson synthetic brush - 2 uses, not the brush for me - $30
[Image: bi8WgkW.jpg]

- Barrister & Mann black label Orange Cedarwood soap - 2 uses, not a soap for me - $15
- Proraso Sandalwood soap - 4 uses - FREE
[Image: rMs48pJ.jpg]

- Clubman Lilac Vegetal - opened but unused… sadly, I was not chosen - $5
[Image: 3UZv40N.jpg]

- Captains choice Cat O 9 Tails - 2 uses, SWMBO did not approve - $10
[Image: NaLkOT6.jpg]

Asking: $75 USD for everything + shipping (CONUS and Canada pls.).

Austin, TX
All your shave are belong to us... Wink

GLWTS- good assortment and solid pricing. Will make somebody very happy!

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Montreal, Canada
(10-14-2015, 04:12 PM)kwsher Wrote: All your shave are belong to us... Wink

Brilliant kwsher! I'm stealing that for my signature Happy2

Austin, TX
Right back at you- I love obscure references and your ID is great!

I hope the sale goes through but if it doesn't I'll take the b&m orange and cedarwood
I would be interested in the razor should the complete package not be sold
Whats still up for sale?.


Montreal, Canada
@Clayton All are still available. Due to shipping cost, I'm trying to offload all items as one package.

@All, my apologies. I just realized that I failed to properly indicate that shipping is from Canada. I have amended my original post.

** All your shave are belong to us! **

If you're willing to sell the brush by itself, I'm local, I could pick it up .

I can take the B&M and the Merkur if the lot is split Smile

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