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(11-12-2023, 12:26 AM)dtownvino Wrote: [Image: jD3REZv.jpg]

Our former Scottie “McDougal” back in 2013.  He couldn’t stop staring at this board painting I got for our kitchen, I mean it was at least 15 minutes.  He wanted to select a cut of beef I suppose.  

Here is what he really looked like. 

[Image: fWhWlfd.jpg]
Good looking dog

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Chester County, PA
Marko , TommyCarioca 

Thanks guys, he was definitely a Scottie!

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(11-19-2023, 03:58 AM)FloridaCreekIndian Wrote: [Image: PgyQYHj.jpg]

Cute and Happy Badger Hounds !

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