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Arizona, USA
[Image: gaoEVUt.jpg] Notes: burnt sugar - bitter orange - brandy - Hedione - tobacco absolute - benzoin resin - ambergris

What is Organism 46b?

Aside from a big scary monster living at the bottom of a 25 million year old lake in Antarctica, its a pretty Epic Gourmand no other!

In short, this stuff is both masculine, delicious and rich.

The bitter orange and tobacco absolute really make great bookends in the shape of this very complex blend. The brandy adds a nice, warm boozy note and the ambergris adds a touch of crisp ozone and ocean. The benzoin Resin really smooths out the entire collection of notes adding depth.

You'll also notice how the benzoin during dry down, gives off a subtle vanilla sweetness which adds a spectacular contrast to the slight minty, almost chocolate ghost note born from the combination of the tobacco, orange and burnt sugar. It's truly multi-dimensional in the interplay of scent notes.

Add something EPIC to your Summer Shave!

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