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Voting for the Eufros group buy inspired a bit of fun and later online research. I showered with Pre de Provence Rose bath soap and then lathered Dusy Kabinette rose. I know TOBS makes a rose soap and cream of rather poor performance. The brief revival of Coats saw a rose
cream, artisan Eva Nesterova a goatmilk rose and currently Eufros has two offerings. If I omit any on this post please list in reply. Post shave was Bulgarian rosewater. I have used Harris Pink in the past and Thayer's sells a rose Witch Hazel .
I hope to learn of others and perhaps later post photos of all. We often see requests for matchups of soap and aftershave onto cologne. Rose isn't the most popular scent and my rather extreme experiment only ended when a Martha Stewart salad with rose petals was nixed by a more expedient grilled ham and cheese on rye for lunch.
I hope people will contribute more products I missed and hopefully duplicate this for the sandalwoods, citrus and like with a nod to that minor detail of performance.

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Soap Commander Love is a really good authentic rose scent with performance to match. I also recently acquired a sample of Mystic Water Yellow Rose which I haven't used yet, but smells great.
- Jeff
I prefer (and give preference to) product lines that have a scent from start to finish - bath soap, shave soap, aftershave and deo.

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