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Has anyone here tried their shaving soap? I see now they are making duck tallow soaps:



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I haven't tried the duck soap, but their other soaps are excellent. Strong scent and top notch performance

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Some of my favorite soaps are made by Oleo Soapworks. Great stuff for sure.

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Des Moines, IA
Has anyone tried their New City?

I quite like Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather. Is New City close?
I purchased a tub of the New City for that very reason - its similarity to TF Tuscan Leather. Out of the tub it has some fruity/berry scent, but during the shave the leather scent starts coming through and to my nose it does smell similar to the Tuscan Leather.

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Just got the last Rougere!

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I was one of the testers for the Canard base and it's a really good base. But no matter what base you pick from Oleo it performs really well. Vida's vegan soap base is one of the better vegan bases offered right now.

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Brushes. I can't stop buying brushes.

BTW have any brushes???

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